Gorgas-Manly Historical District



Gorgas-Manly Historical District


Gorgas-Manly Historical District
The Gorgas House (1829)
First structure built on the original campus

The Round House (1860)
Used by cadets on guard duty, and another of the four buildings to survive the fires set by Federal troops in 1865

Woods Hall (1868)
First building constructed after the Civil War and serving for the next sixteen years as the University

Manly (1886)*, Clark (1886), and Garland (1888) Halls
Built as the state began to recover from the Reconstruction Era

[*On November 13, 2020, the University of Alabama Board of Trustees voted unanimously to rename this building to Presidents Hall, to remove its association with Basil Manly, Sr., a slave-owning Baptist minister and president of the University of Alabama (1837-1855) who defended slavery and promoted a religious justification for white supremacy.]

Toumey and Barnard Halls (1838)*
which completed the nineteenth-century University of Alabama campus

[*these buildings were completed in 1889]

Twelve Acres of the campus of the University of Alabama
including eight buildings designated in
The National Register Of Historic Places
The Gorgas-Manly Historic District


Placed by the Alabama Historical Association

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On Stadium Drive at McCorvey Drive (near the Gorgas House)


33.212783, -87.546817

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