The Little Round House



The Little Round House


The Little Round House
Constructed as a guard house for the Alabama Corps of Cadets during the early 1860's, the Little Round House provided shelter from inclement weather for cadets on sentry duty. Until 1865, it also housed the University Drum Corps, which was composed of rented slaves. One of the few University buildings not destroyed by Union forces when the campus was burned in 1865, this building became the office of the University surgeon in 1871, and was used later by non-military students as a residence. In 1888, the building became a storage area for University records and in 1933 the Jasons, a men's honor society, was permitted to use it as headquarters. In 1990, the building was converted into a memorial for all honor societies of the University.


Placed by the University of Alabama

Specific placement information

At the Little Round House (north Quad, west of Gorgas Library), front of building


33.211900, -87.546500


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