The President's Mansion



The President's Mansion


In 1838 The University of Alabama Board of Trustees appropriated funds for a more suitable residence for the University's new president Basil Manly. The mansion on this site was built between 1839 and 1841 from plans provided by Michael Barry who served as architect and building superintendent for the project. Although Manly, the mansions first occupant was a very popular president, the legislature regarded the structure as unnecessarily lavish. According to tradition, Louisa Frances Garland, wife of President Landon C. Garland, valiantly saved the stately residence from destruction when Union Troops under the command of Major General John T. Croxten destroyed the campus on April 4, 1865. The mansion, which has undergone a number of restorations assumed its predominantly white appearance in 1908.


Placed by the University of Alabama

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On University Boulevard west of Elm Drive (at the drive of the President's Mansion)


33.212224, -87.542576


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