Shockly's Escort Company of Cavalry plaque [removed]



Shockly's Escort Company of Cavalry plaque [removed]


In memoriam perpetuam
Captain Bascom T. Shockly’s escort company of cavalry in the hour of their country’s peril unmindful of self and fired only by patriotic devotion Bascom T. Shockly and nineteen students of the University of Alabama joined themselves with twenty nine other Alabama youths in the formation of an escort company of cavalry which in 1864 entered the service of the Confederate States of America.

They had their first baptism of fire on June 24, 1864 served faithfully with Brig. Gen. Dan Adams as his escort to the close of the unequal struggle of the South for separate state sovereignty and were paroled at Gainesville, Alabama, on May 10, 1865.

Shockly, Bascom T., Capt.; Burt, Henry M. 1st Lieut., Miller, John H., 2nd Lieut.; Watkins, John P., 3rd Lieut.
Webb, Wm. T., 1st Sergt.; Cowin, Thos. E., 2nd Sergt; Driskell, Thos. J., 3rd Sergt.; Scott, David M.C., 4th Sergt.
Allen, Joseph M.; Chadwich, E. S.; Galloway, A. G. McGraw, Waters; Rosser, Henry
Archer, Chas. S.; Christian, Wm. C.; Gilmer, Morgan S.; McLemore, Moses; Sawyer, Thos.
Barker, Chas. L.; Clopton, Wm. H.; Hale, C. H.; Moore, Wm. W.; Stoddard, J. Thos.
Bean, Jas.; Collins, J. W.; Harris, Bayless E.; Patton, Robert W.; Stroud, Alonzo B.
Bender, D. Jule; Conner, Junius K.; Harris, Jas. M.; Perkins, J. Hampden; Syring, Frank P.
Billbry, Geo. W.; Crum, Aug. W.; Harrison, Jas. T.; Pittman, Jas. F.; Watt, Jas. H.
Calloway, Darby M.; Crusoe, Chas. W.; Jones, Wm. Clarence; Pitts, P. Henry; Weathers, Wm.; Carson, Shelby C.; Elgin, Rich’d P.; Lewis, Wm. T.; Rivers, Wm. Jones; Webb, Lucius D.
Frazer, Nathan H.; Robertson, Wm. J.

To commemorate these facts and to preserve the names of these young heroes this tablet is placed by the Montgomery County Chapter of Yallerhammers the third day of June 1914

May F. Steiner, Chapter Prest.; Annie H. Spann, State Prest.
Wm. Gerard Fowler, Treas.; Mary G. Burnett, Treas.


Placed by the Montgomery County Chapter of Yallerhammers

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Removed in 2020; once affixed to Gorgas Library entrance (south side). It is one of three plaques honoring Confederate students that was authorized for removal by the University of Alabama Board of Trustees on June 8, 2020. For contact and permanent location information regarding this retired plaque, contact: Planroom, Campus Support Services, Building 1003,


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