The Autherine Lucy Clock Tower and Malone-Hood Plaza



The Autherine Lucy Clock Tower and Malone-Hood Plaza


The Autherine Lucy Clock Tower is dedicated to the sacrifice and commitment of a courageous individual who took a stand for change at a crucial time in the history of The University of Alabama. The open arches, which mirror the architecture of Foster Auditorium, illustrate the opportunities that are available to individuals who have the courage and persistence to walk through the door.

The Malone-Hood Plaza is dedicated to the courage and values of those who bore the burden of the struggle. The University of Alabama honors their actions and the actions of all who work to break down barriers and overcome obstacles in the pursuit of education.

November 3, 2010
The University of Alabama


Placed by The University of Alabama

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Affixed to the Autherine Lucy Clock Tower (north of Foster Auditorium)


33.208200, -87.543983


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