Storrs Cadet Troop [removed]



Storrs Cadet Troop [removed]


Pro Virtute Et Patria
Capt. Charles P. Storrs cadet troop, Company F, 7th Alabama Cavalry Regiment, C.S.A.,organized in June 1863 under the leadership of Cadet Capt. Storrs, made up of cadets from The University of Alabama and of patriotic young men from Montgomery and vicinity; united with 7th Ala. Cav. Regt. as Co. F, July 22, 1863. First stationed at Pollard and Mobile for coast defense, 1863-1864; in Oct. 1864 transferred to command of Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest, Army of Tennessee, and assigned to Gen. E. W. Rucker as escort, serving as such until that gallant officer was wounded in Dec. 1864; engaged at Johnsonville, Henryville, Mt. Pleasant, Columbia, Spring Hill, Franklin and Nashville, 1864; aided in resisting the federal invasion of Alabama; participated at Columbus, Ga., in the last battle of the war, April 16, 1865; and laid down its arms at Gainesville, Ala., May 14, 1865.

“The unconquerable tenacity, the brilliant valor of these boys, who faced and fought all odds, until their ranks were cut to pieces, excited general notice and praise.” – Jordan’s Campaigns of Forrest, 1868

Roster – Officers
Captain Charles Paddock Storrs+, 1st Lieut. Henry Clay Vaughan+, 2nd Lieut. Benjamin Fitzpatrick+
Jr. 2nd Lieuts. Francis Drayton Nabers+, James A. Craig+
Sergeants Wm. Bell Whiting+, W. D. Hatch+, R. B. Waller+, W. H. Locke+, J. G. Winter+, Q.M. Sergt. H. S. McGowen+
Corporals R. H. Jackson+, Wm. A. Walker+, C. P. Field+, R. H. Evins+, Napoleon Lockett+, Thomas Hudson
Adams, W. H.; Davidson, George; Griffin, Goodman G.+; Lowe, George J.; Smith, B.
Alford, Julius S.+; Douglas, Wm.+; Hails, George W.; McAdory, R. A.+; Smith, George
Anderson, L.; Driesbach, Tate R.+; Hart, John S.+; McMillan, J. D.+; Taylor, W. K.
Barnett, Joel; Elmore, Rush; Hartwell, Charles; Marks, Samuel B.+; Thorington, Jack
Bethea, A. Jack; Evins, A. J.; Hatch, Ben F.+; Metcalf, John; Trimble, W. Ross+
Bolling, T. C.; Farley, James H.+; Hatch, Drew; Miller, A. A.+; Tyson, A. P.+
Boyd, Joe J.; Farrar, H. K.; High, De Witt C.+; Mitchell, C. White; Underwood, J. B.
Brittan, Henry S.; Fletcher, Matt; Hogue, John J.; Moore, A. B.; Vaughan, Joseph L.
Caffey, Wm. Hooper+; Fletcher, Wm.; Hooper, Wm. De B.; Moore, W. J.; Vernon, James B.+
Campbell, Archibald+; Forniss, John A.; Howard, Mark+; Morrison, W. J.; Walker, W. T.
Cantalou, John R.+; Foster, Young H.+; Hudson, Joseph; Morrow, George M.; Ware, A. S.
Clarke, Thomas D.+; Goldthwaite, George+; Hudson, Wm. H.; Myers, Laurens O’B.+; Ware, J. E.
Corey; Graham, George L.; Janney, Wm. Brown; Pitts, Thomas; Watts, John W.+
Cox, Jesse J.+; Graves, E. Dedrick+; James, E. Lindsey; Pollard, John S.; Webb, Edward
Craig, Drew; Greenwood, John C.+; Jones, T. K.+; Sayre, W. D.; Westcott, Samuel T.+
Dargan, Moro+; Gregory, Fred C., Jr.+; Joseph, Leonce; Shelby, Duncan; Woodfin, Arthur
Long, W. Hal
+Cadet, U. of A

Placed by survivors and friends in honor of the devoted service, signal valor and noble record of this company, University of Alabama, May 30, 1916


Placed by the University of Alabama

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Removed in 2020; once affixed to Gorgas Library entrance (south side). It is one of three plaques honoring Confederate students that was authorized for removal by the University of Alabama Board of Trustees on June 8, 2020. For contact and permanent location information regarding this retired plaque, contact: Planroom, Campus Support Services, Building 1003,


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