Rotunda Plaza



Rotunda Plaza


The Rotunda Plaza is dedicated to
John H. and Carolyn Cobb Josey
(Classes of 1950 and 1951, respectively)
In recognition of the establishment in 1992 of the John H. and Carolyn Cobb Josey Library Endowment Fund, ensuring continued excellence of library and information services to The University of Alabama.
The Flagstones embedded in this plaza mark the original foundations of the Rotunda, which housed the first library of the University of Alabama, and which, on April 4, 1865, was burned by Federal Troops. Rediscovered and excavated in 1984, the foundations symbolize the link between the Library's past and its future.

Specific placement information

Affixed to building steps (south side)


33.211467, -87.546183


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