Campus Historical Markers

Many people, places, and events which left an impression on the University of Alabama and surrounding community have been commemorated in historical markers and plaques around the campus. This site is a collection of those public accounts of our history, in both image and text, including markers and plaques that have since been removed due to the renaming of campus buildings.

Markers relating to specific historical periods can be found in sections on the Antebellum Campus (1831-1861) and Confederate Commemoration (1861-1865), as well as University Integration (1954-1963). In the decades between, much of the campus as we know it today was built — a rough timeline of which can be seen by perusing the markers in the section on Building Names.

The site also includes a section for Fraternities and Sororities and one for Other Historical subjects. The latter includes campus landmarks like Denny Chimes and the Shelby Quadrangle, past uses of campus land such as sites of the old Rotunda and the Castle Hill-Daly Bottom Community, and spaces that are connected to beloved figures, for example, Dr. Peter Bryce and Coach Paul Bryant.