Petition concerning the charges and fate of William Davis and George Ruper; 1858 January 2





Petition concerning the charges and fate of William Davis and George Ruper; 1858 January 2


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Citizens of Shelby County


1858 January 2


From the Alabama Department of Archives and History Governor A. B. Moore Collection. Petition from Citizens of Shelby County requesting the expungement of charges associated with George Ruper.






Shelby County (Ala.)


Alabama Department of Archives and History. (electronic version)


Luca Brillo




To his excellency A.B Moore governor of the state of Alabama
The undersigned citizens of the [[Shelby County (Ala.)|shelby county]] [honourably?] petitioning show [forth?] unto your honour.
That at the March term of 1857 of the circuit court for said county a [unclear] was [to?] [him?] against one [[Davis, William|William Davis]] and [[Ruper, George|George Ruper]] a paper pertaining to be the hand of the said William Davis & George Ruper for the sum of one hundred dollars upon which on the 18th day of August 1857 a [scirn?] [unclear] issued which was expected on the said [unclear] on the 2nd day of September 1857 and by the [[Sheriffs|sheriff/s]] [returned?] found on to Davis and at the September fourth 1857 of said court the said Ruper plead that said bond an undertaking was not sufficient to authorize a judgment the said bond on undertaking is in words [unclear] [follows?] “The state of Alabama Shelby county 1st november 1856 [unclear] [unclear] Davis and George Ruper agree to pay to the state of Alabama one hundred dollars [unless?] he the said Davis [unclear] at the next term of the circuit court of Shelby county and from term to term their often until discharged by law to answer an indictment [pondering?] in said court against him for William Davis George B. Ruper [unclear] [[Rivers, W P.|W.P. Rivers]] sheriff upon said plea the said Ruper by his attorney moved the court to [quench?] said bond where was Martin by the said court barreled and there being no other proof than said bond the court gave judgement final against said Ruper for the said sum of one hundred dollars and the cost there on which said judgement is still submitting and expectation thereon is now in the hands of the sheriff of said county.
Your petitioners would further request to your [human?] that the option with which said davis was charged was a sample affray in where no damage done Davis was poor and has absconded Davis & Ruper were earth carpenters by trade the sympathies common with brother of the same trade alone caused the said Ruper [unclear] bail for said Davis the said Ruper is poor and has a family dependent apon him for support and with [unclear] if at all could [main?] [bonds?] [unclear] to take said case to the supreme court petitioners therefore pray your excellency to remit the damages in said case as they will ever pray.
January 2nd 1838 -
[[Poke, Wilie H.|Wilie H Poke]] (clerk circuit court)
Judge Probate
[[Luper, James L.|James L. Luper]]
[[Luper, Samuel|Samuel Luper]]

Petition of G. Ruper

William Davis
George Ruper
W.P. Rivers
Wilie H Poke
James L. Luper
Samuel Luper

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[[Alabama. Governor's Office|Executive Department]]
[[Montgomery (Ala.)|Montgomery Alabama]]

The individuals [[Davis, William|William Davis]] and [[Ruper, George|George Ruper]] mentioned in the foregoing [[Petitions|petition]], are being discussed. This petition is to remit the charges assigned to [[Ruper, George|George Ruper]]. It is important to note that this document has horrific punctuation along with many grammatical errors.

[[Moore, Andrew B. (Andrew Barry), 1807-1873|A.B. Moore]]