Petition to Andrew B. Moore on behalf of John O'Neal [Oneil]





Petition to Andrew B. Moore on behalf of John O'Neal [Oneil]


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Citizens of Franklin County


1859 July 27


Petition to Governor A.B. Moore from Franklin, Alabama, for the release and pardon of John O'Neal [Oniel]. He was imprisoned for larceny in April 1838.






Franklin County (Ala.)


Alabama Department of Archives and History. (electronic version)


Julia Brock


Q134215 - Q134217


State of Ala [[Franklin County (Ala.)|Franklin County]] We the undersigned to the Governor [[Moore, Andrew B. (Andrew Barry), 1807-1873|A.B. Moore]] of Alabama do petition and pray your excellency to release from prison the convict now in the penitentiary of the State of Alabama [[Oniel, John|John Oniel]] who was put in the Penitentiary in Aprile 1838 for [[Larceny|Larcennary] for which we the Undersign petitionars do not beleave that he aught to be in prison for the Crime that he was change with and therefore pray his release this the 27th of of July 1859

Thomas Thom
Jas Hughs
James J LedBetter
C Chisholm
B F Nelson
Lewis R Pate
William Warren [?]
John Osborn
A.E. Stephenson
Marlen A. Jones
William G Thorn
F M Powers
[P?] M Malay
[T?] S Witt
John B Cox
E.R. Snider
W T Malone
W W Weatherford
M C Clack
E W Garland
H D [Lek?]
James M [Binson?]
H [C?]
R. Copeland
J [?]
W. P. Jack
D S Randolph
N T Underwood
C M Tompkins
W [F?] Holland
R.H. Hughes
Jno. S. Keo
Luke Williams
W H Thomas
Nicoles [McRhiy?]
Wm Davis

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B. Braziel
Wm T. Hughs
H J Rayburn
S. P. Ledbetter
W P Roberts
[?] W Warren
John [C?] [?]
Simeon Waits
J. M. Bell
A. M Burrow
[D B?] Hooker
T.S. [Rages?]
W.P. [?]
A.G Martin
[D C?] Allison
Darrol Russell
J.E. Smith
B.F. Scott
J.M.C. Alison
[H.D.?] Smith
John Gwinn
Wm Cooper
Wm J Gray
A. [?] McKinney
H Patton
John Rhea
C P Vinson
E M Williamson
A G Goodwin
A ? [Burr?]
A.T. [Bonds?]
James C. George
H L Osborn
L.H. Jones
Wm [J.?] Ledbetter
Thomas L Clack
David Langley
John Turner
A A Hughs
J E Holland
John Burleson
J W Osborn
Marion Overton
James Davis
W M Hall
[D?] L Salenger
D R Holland
S H S Marling
Wesly Wetherby
D.W. Forbes
John W Eliott
E [L?] [P?] Holeman
H [Barkstall?]
W. C. Thorn
Charles Womble
R J Jennings