Civil War & Reconstruction Era Alabama Governors Papers, 1857-1882


The Civil War and Reconstruction Era was a period of great change and strife for the state of Alabama and the nation.  Documents included in the office of the governor reflect this tumultuous time bringing together voices of the powerful and the powerless.   

Modeled after the successful Civil War Kentucky Governors Digital Documentation Edition and the recently launched Civil War Governors of Mississippi , the CWRAG will similarly create a scholarly digital edition of  these papers,  making them easily accessible, but more importantly, providing historical context and insight to scholars, students, teachers and the public at large.    

The chronological scope of this project will run from the eve of secession and Civil War to the postwar “Redemption” administrations of eleven governors.  These include George S. Houston and Rufus W. Cobb.  The specific gubernatorial administrations would include: Rufus W. Cobb, (Democrat) 1878-1882; George S. Houston (Democrat) 1872-1874; David P. Lewis  (Republican) 1872-1874; Robert B. Lindsay (Democrat) 1870-1872; William H. Smith, (Republican) 1868-1870; Wager Swayne (Military Governor) 1867-1868;  Robert M. Patton (Pre-War Whig) 1865-1867; Lewis Parsons (Provisional Gov/Democrat) 1865; Thomas H. Watts (Democrat) 1863-1865; John G. Shorter (Democrat) 1861-1863; Andrew B. Moore (Democrat) 1857-1861.   

The Alabama Department of Archives and History has commenced digitizing what they estimate to be nearly 70,000 total pages of documents.  Documents currently available can be found at: 

The University of Alabama will oversee the transcription, editing and annotating of these documents, providing experiential learning opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students.  We envision teachers, scholars, genealogists and the general public utilizing the materials included in our site. 

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