The History of Enslaved People at UA, 1828-1865



This project is the result of the work of the Task Force for Studying Race, Slavery, and Civil Rights at UA and documents their comprehensive assessment of University of Alabama Administration Records for the period up to 1865. This project seeks to ensure that all materials pertaining to slavery at the university is identify and transcribe the contents of the main record sets from this time including President Basil Manly’s diaries, President Landon Garland’s letterbooks, the Faculty Minutes, and the collection most commonly referred to as the “slave receipts.” Most important of all, however, was identifying as many of the enslaved individuals who labored on UA’s campus, or who were enslaved by faculty and college presidents, as possible and entering those names, and the records associated with them, in a database
Project Owner(s):
University of Alabama Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Topic: Enslaved People, History
Tool: Omeka S
Methodology: Documentary Research, Primary Sources
Project Status: Active

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