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Phrenology Bust
3-dimensional model depicting the ideas of Viennese physician Franz-Joseph Gall, and how the brain utilizes specific areas to do specific functions.

A collection of clippings from articles and pamphlets on the subjects of health and race betterment

The published form of a lecture delivered at Oxford University arguing that people from different social and racial categories have essential characteristics based on their heredity. The work additionally posits that society should be structured…

Banquet tendered physicians and delegates to the national Conference on Race Betterment by the Battle Creek Sanitarium portrait in dining hall.
Still black-and-white image of dozens of people, mostly white men but a few white women, in formal dress and arranged at tables in a decorated dining hall. They are all looking seriously at the camera.

The article discusses the potential original reason for mans desire to drink stemming from original sin or deprivation of alcohol. When this theory failed they discussed the effects of alcohol how it affects the brain by acting as a depressant.…

Fitter Families' Examination. Kansas Free Fair. Topeka.
this item is a medical family history checklist. this were to be conducted in Topeka, Kansas. this is a model checklist which is why it is blank. it shows what to do and where to circle or put check marks in the boxes.
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