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this item is a medical family history checklist. this were to be conducted in Topeka, Kansas. this is a model checklist which is why it is blank. it shows what to do and where to circle or put check marks in the boxes.

A collection of clippings from articles and pamphlets on the subjects of health and race betterment

This text by J.H. Kellogg looks at Water, its properties, and the ways in which it can be used in both Science and Medicine, as well as the ways in which these two spheres overlap.

3-dimensional model depicting the ideas of Viennese physician Franz-Joseph Gall, and how the brain utilizes specific areas to do specific functions.

This paper looks at Christianity, Christian Science, Health, and the ways in which health relates to divinity, purity, and the encompassed humanities. It uses a question and response format to investigate questions of God, godliness, and health…

Treating the Sick
this item is explaining the ways that this religion find healing through prayer an effective way. showing that god is quite healer. these images are followed by poems written by Mary Baker Eddy which revolve around God and that Prayer is the true…

This is a hymnal, containing only five songs, written by Reverend Mary Baker Eddy. The songs are used by Christian Scientists.

A pamphlet promoting Instant Psylla with Agar

A treatise arguing that a vegetarian diet is the most natural diet for human beings. The work draws upon biological, historical, and moral arguments to support its claim. Advertisements for the Health Reformer, as well as related literature and…

The article discusses the potential original reason for mans desire to drink stemming from original sin or deprivation of alcohol. When this theory failed they discussed the effects of alcohol how it affects the brain by acting as a depressant.…
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