Suggestions for Further Reading

Chen, Yong. “Food, Race, and Ethnicity.” In The Oxford Handbook of Food History, edited by Jeffrey M. Pilcher, Oxford University Press, 2012, 428-443.   This… Read More

Interview With Maxine Nu’uhiwa

“It doesn’t matter what the food is,” Auntie Max responded simply, her smiling face filling my iPhone screen. We’d just spent an hour and half talking about food, Hawaii, and cultural roots, and I was hoping for one golden quote from her that would wrap all of our threads threads into an artful bow. Read More

Spam Musubi and The Corner Store

In the halls of Punahou School’s Mamiya Science Center, where the palm leaves swinging in the breeze outside echoed in soft wooshes through the concrete arches, my friends and I once more compared the results of a never ending contest. Read More

Ono Butter Mochi

Butter mochi tastes like home. It bakes in the oven as I write this; the aroma of butter and coconut waft through the living room and into my bedroom lazily, like a Friday afternoon at Waimanalo. Read More