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This article, while not specific to Hawaii, analyzes the relationship between food and the construction of ethnicity and race in America. This analysis can be useful when applied to Hawaiian cuisine, which follows this same model (as evidenced within the dishes).


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This a multipart video that describes the experience of eating in Hawaii by two mainlanders working for LuckyPeach, a food magazine run by Peter Meehan.


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This book distinguishes the difference between local cuisine and Native Hawaiian cuisine, analyzing the political and cultural influences that led to the development of both. This book would be helpful in learning more about the history of Hawaiian cuisine, so that one may understand the context of the dishes featured on the page.


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This article looks at some of the dishes and the cultural influences that make Hawaiian cuisine unique. It examines local food beyond traditional Hawaiian meals and looks at the culinary connoisseurs who make these Hawaiian delicacies.


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This cookbook features dishes from twelve local chefs who began the local, sustainability movement in Hawaii. These recipes elevate local Hawaiian dishes and demonstrate the beginning of a larger acknowledgement of a particular “Hawaiian Cuisine.”


Kearns, Landess. “10 Foods You Absolutely Must Try in Hawaii.” The Huffington Post,, 4 Mar. 2015.


This is a fun article that features local cuisine and popular dishes in Hawaii. It’s fairly representative of Hawaiian food and local favorites and provides some good spots to get a taste of local culture.


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This scholarly article describes the ahupua’a system that the Hawaiians had developed pre-contact with colonists. The writers describe the geography of the island, the distribution of land division, and the kinds of resources that could be found in each ecosystem on the island.


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This article examines, through the lens of the poke trend, the connection between land, language, and food for Hawaiian people. The article deals with race, with mainland stereotypes aabout Hawaiian food, and with the challenge many chefs face to reconnect locals to their heritage.



Pomai. “Recipes.” Tasty Island, 24 Feb. 2017, click here.

This website has produced popular local recipes from culinary hotspots as well as community engagement posts.