Morgan Hall, 1910 [removed]



Morgan Hall, 1910 [removed]


Named for John Tyler Morgan (1824-1907).
As U.S. Senator, Morgan led the 1882 campaign to obtain federal funds in reparation for the destruction of the University of Alabama campus by Union Troops in 1865.
A member of the Alabama Secession Convention and a Brigadier General in the Confederate Army, Morgan was later (1876) elected to the U.S. Senate, where he became known as "Canal Morgan" for his strong support of a canal across Central America.


Placed by The University of Alabama

Specific placement information

Removed in 2020; once affixed to building at entrance (east side). On September 17, 2020, the University of Alabama Board of Trustees voted unanimously to rename the building to remove its association with Morgan, a slave owner who defended slavery and, after the Civil War, who justified white supremacy and promoted racial segregation. For contact and permanent location information regarding this retired building plaque, contact Planroom, Campus Support Services, Building 1003,


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