Tuomey Hall



Tuomey Hall


College of Arts and Sciences
Erected: 1888 Reconstructed: 2002
Designed by Montgomery architect W. A. Crossland and named for noted professor and state geologist Michael Tuomey.
Tuomey's survey resulted in the landmark 1849 geological map of Alabama and his work began the Geological Survey of Alabama.
Tuomey Hall originally housed the University of Alabama's chemistry laboratories and offices for the Geological Survey. From 1926 to 1999, it housed the University's Army Reserve Officer Training Corps program.
On April 27, 2002, rededicated as a Blount Undergraduate Initiative Academic House.
Barganier Davis Sims Architects Associated, Architect
Billy E. Burnett, Inc., General Contractor.


Placed by The University of Alabama

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Affixed to building at entrance (west side)


33.211717, -87.545067


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