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Below you’ll find some wonderful resources for more information on Mexican food. I’ve included scholarly articles, news articles, cookbooks and even TV shows. Feel free to click on the pictures to learn more! Pilcher, Jeffrey M. “‘Old Stock’ Tamales and Migrant Tacos: Taste, Authenticity, and the Naturalization of… Read More

Ernesto Kortright on growing up in Mexico City, finding Mexican food in Alabama

Professor Ernesto Kortright was born in México City, and lived there for a total of 15 years between 1959 and 1976. He’s now a Spanish instructor at the University of Alabama, and we sat down to chat about his experiences with and memories about Mexican cuisine. Is there a… Read More

Carne al Pastor: A Mexican national dish straight from Lebanon

  For many people, tacos al pastor, or shepherd’s tacos, are a quintessential Mexican dish. The pork topped with a whole pineapple and an onion, slathered with a chile marinade, and roasted on a vertical spit (called a trompo due to its resemblance to a spinning top toy)… Read More