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Aug 25: Two people are killed and another is injured on Tuesday night as shots were fired during another night of protests in Wisconsin over the shooting of Jacob Blake. Louisville police arrest 64 people during what organizers described as a “massive demonstration” over the death of Breonna Taylor. Tropical storms take aim at the American south.

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The continents of our vast planet were “drawn together by the sailmaker’s needle,” wrote historian Alfred Crosby[1] European exploration made the world smaller, and ultimately, he argued, more impoverished. So much was lost and destroyed by man’s search for raw materials and markets. When Crosby wrote this in The Columbian Exchange (1973), only Exxon and the other petroleum companies knew that their emissions of fossil fuels would warm temperatures across the globe.[2] Little did he realize that the impact of the eternal search for conquest and profit would destroy the very atmosphere that we inhabit. Today, this new reality is brought into stark relief as double tropical storms and out of control wildfires signify the intensity of the other climate change “pandemic” that promises ultimately to swallow up all the rest.



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The Sun. Rare Fire Tornado or “firenado” Spotted near California Blaze, 2020.

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