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The Alabama Digital Humanities Center (ADHC) offers faculty, staff, and advanced students resources to explore digital humanities. Organized and supported by a community of academics at the University of Alabama, the ADHC provides technical skills, equipment, and collaborative opportunities to researchers at all levels of expertise and interest in the field.

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Featured Project: Alabama Memory History Civil Rights Mapping

The Alabama Memory project offers insight into the often supressed history of lynchings in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. In his HY 000 class, Dr. John Giggie led a group of students through their research into the lynchings of 11 African-Americans in 8 different areas of Tuscaloosa County. This research was compiled into an interactive map that includes the location of each lynching, a summary of the events, and primary source documents relevant to the case. The class also analyzed the language used in articles reporting the lynchings by creating word clouds. These word clouds allowed the class to visualize the most commonly used words and phrases for describing the black men and their alleged white female victims.

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