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Aug 26: A portable rapid COVID-19 test that can deliver results in under 15 minutes was cleared by the FDA under an EUA. The test is aimed at places like workplaces and schools. A white, male, teenager is arrested by police for killing two people and wounding another during the protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He thought he was a militia member defending life and property when he killed two unarmed people.  Hurricane Laura hits Louisiana. Coronavirus cases in children rose by 21% in the last month.

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Last night a 17-year-old white boy drove from Illinois to Kenosha, Wisconsin, where locals have been protesting the killing of Jacob Blake since Sunday and shot a BLM protester. Several other protesters chased him and tried to take the AR-15 he was holding from his hands. He shot two of them after they knocked him to the ground. Then he got up and walked toward the cops, gun still strapped onto him. The Kenosha police drove right past him. He couldn’t even turn himself in. Not only did he walk away from the scene, but he made it all the way home to another state and went to bed. It took hours to find him.[1] In related news, Kenosha police have put Officer Rusten Sheskey, who shot Blake, on leave.

In solidarity with the ongoing protests, the National Basketball League season—already plagued by fits and starts because of the pandemic and in response to the Black Lives Matter protests—paused again. The Milwaukee Bucks, LA Lakers, and the other NBA players refused to play their playoff games today. Kenny Smith, my favorite NBA commentator, walked off the set in support of the players. The league, in response, cancelled all games for the day. Athletes of different backgrounds, salaries, races, and standing have manifested a kind of race and class consciousness that we have never seen before: they struck.

It’s true that the NBA has a history of collective action. In 1954,” Bob Cousy organized the NBPA’s fledgling union—boosted by a threat that they would join the AFL-CIO instead of their own stand-alone union—securing the timely delivery of contracts, a seven-dollar per diem, and the referral of player-owner disputes to the NBA president. Even after Cousy retired, the NBPA won pensions, medical and dental insurance, and increased league-minimum salaries.[5] 

But now, it’s more than just about job issues. This organizational bent has intersected with the demographics of the league to create a situation where players feel profoundly connected to the racism they see happening on the streets. During the 2014-15 season, for example, 74.4% of athletes identified as African-American. The same season, 95% of owners identified as white. Tellingly, this racial-cultural contrast has divided players and their employers in the wake of the Jacob Blake shooting. “The past four months have shed a light on the ongoing racial injustices facing our African-American communities,” announced Bucks guards Sterling Brown and George Hill. “Despite the overwhelming plea for change, there has been no action, so our focus … cannot be on basketball.”[6]

Unlike in Portland a month ago, other states are immediately sending their own National Guard units to Kenosha, Wisconsin.[9] This tips the hand at some governors’ priorities. Alabama, for instance, is sending 350 National Guard units to Wisconsin, instead of to neighboring Louisiana, which is about to get walloped by Hurricane Laura tonight (Louisiana might receive two attack helicopters—why weapons?!).[10] So far, some buildings have been burned in Kenosha. In contrast, hundreds of buildings are about to be destroyed by this hurricane.

The coronavirus front is also discouraging. The CDC just issued bewildering new guidance saying that you do not need to get a test just because you’ve come into contact with a COVID-positive person. You should be showing actual symptoms before getting tested. This contravenes evidence that symptomless people spread the virus –a message that the CDC has been saying for months![13] Even more concerning, Fauci says he was in surgery when this change was made and that he disagrees with it.[14] It feels like a version of the “magic virus hypothesis,” that non-symptomatic people must be carrying less of the virus and therefore be less contagious (there is no evidence for this claim).[16]

I stay up late, watching the first bands of rain and wind from Hurricane Laura lash cameras along the Louisiana coast. It feels like there is so much darkness out there right now, so little help for people.[18]



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