Museum of America in the Pandemic Year, 2020

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Welcome to the Exhibition space for the Deeper Sickness Project. Here you will find cross-disciplinary, scholarly research articles, creative projects from renowned artists and writers, and meritorious undergraduate research submissions — all focusing on the study of the pandemics of 2020. Scholars and students wishing to submit research for consideration should send a letter introducing themselves and their project to


Peer reviewed, scholarly articles based on original, data driven research from contributors around the country.

An Examination of Mainstream News Network Coverage of the Novel Coronavirus in Early 2020

Margaret Peacock, Jack Mittenthal, Lauren Tustison, and Erik L. Peterson, May 2020.  
Creative Work

Creative projects from renowned writers, artists, and musicians around the country.

Excerpts from Hell

Chrystos —
Menominee poet, two-spirit activist, lecturer, artist, and teacher.

Collections of artifacts from 2020.

The MEMES of 2020

Undergraduate Projects

Meritorious research submitted from undergraduates at Universities around the country. 

Mapping a March for Racial Justice in the Pandemic Year: An Interactive Map Tracking the Family of George Floyd after his Murder.

Jackson Foster, May 2020.