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Aug 27: Coronavirus cases spike in the Midwest. Paul Alexander disagrees with Dr. Fauci’s press officers about the importance of children and university students getting tests “in a widespread manner.”  In  emails obtained by Politico, Alexander critiques a pre-planned statement by Dr. Fauci. Alexander writes, “I continue to have an issue with kids getting tested and repeatedly and even university students in a widespread manner…and I disagree with Dr. Fauci on this. Vehemently.” 

Aug 28: A 25-year-old man from Nevada became reinfected with COVID-19 in late May after recovering from a mild case in April, reports say. It marks the first reported case of reinfection in the United States; the second occurrence resulted in a much more severe case, requiring hospitalization and oxygen. A full study of the case is published in Lancet Infectious Disease Journal in October.

Aug 29: The Kenosha police release a report saying that Jacob Blake had a knife and resisted arrest before police officers shot him in front of his children. Protests and marches continue. At a New Hampshire rally, Trump says that protesters demonstrating against police brutality are  “thugs” and “anarchists” who are just “looking for trouble” and “don’t even know who George Floyd is.”

From the Cutting Room Floor ...

The news reports that New Hampshire Republicans have been sending out applications for absentee ballots with invalid return addresses to older registered Democrats who were likely to vote absentee to avoid exposure to coronavirus.[1] Some of those elderly people were living in cities as far away as Pittsburgh, which is a battleground state for the election.[2] Did they attempt to manufacture fraud by “mistakenly” sending ballots to Democrats in other states, hoping they would remit them honestly, thereby both eliminating their vote from their own state and casting doubt on ballots in their own states?[3] One can only hope that the mistaken addresses were caused by unintended human error, and not such complex chicanery.

At the same time, there is astonishing evidence all around us that people are finding ways to stay engaged in the political process.

In June, LeBron James and a number of other Black athletes and artists launched “More Than a Vote.” James went to Obama, and they successfully got NBA arenas to agree to be voting sites.[4] They have been pushing the NBA’s mostly white management to begin to make decisions that benefit the communities from which most of their Black laborers come, and they have been able to wrest some commitment of funds out of the owners.[5] Clearly, this election will determine how we understand this year and its larger significance. With so much loss and sacrifice, it seems sure that we cannot go back to where we were in 2019.




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Warning: This video of a Walmart customer refusing to comply with a mask mandate and yelling at employees and bystanders contains cursing and violent language. kellenbrent. Anti-Mask Boomer Has a Public Freakout on a Walmart Employee and Bystanders, 2020.


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