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The Power of Naming: Language and the Construction of Queer Community


This is a history of the University of Alabama's GLBTQ student organization from 1983-2007.

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Tides of Hate at UA


This research looks at public displays of hatred surrounding the UA gay student organization over time. 

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Sin and Sexuality: Evolving Christian Attitudes of Queerness

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This research examines the relationship between Christianity and Homosexuality in both the Tuscaloosa area and the United States as a whole over time. 

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Discourses of Homophobia at the University of Alabama

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This research dives into the relationship between the UA gay student organization and the Young Americans for Freedom, a conservative student organization.

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UAGLA Constitutional Crisis of 1992

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This research focuses on the factors that led to the success of the UA gay student organization during the UAGLA Constitutional Crisis of 1992.

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The Cartography of Southern Queerness


An examination of maps created by members of UA’s queer student movement reflects a growing local acceptance of queer rights and culture.

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