Museum of America in the Pandemic Year, 2020

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Nov 6: The U.S. reports 132,700 new coronavirus cases, another record. Philadelphia police investigate a bomb threat made yesterday against the city’s Convention Center, where votes were still being tallied and Democrat Joe Biden was increasing his lead over President Trump. Trump advisor, Steve Bannon, says on his online show that he would like to,  go back to the old times of Tudor England” to punish Fauci. “I’d put the heads on pikes” outside the White House, says Bannon.

Nov 7: Biden officially defeats Trump in the presidential election. Kamala Harris becomes the first woman and the first person of color to be elected to the vice presidency. Trump declares that the election “is far from over.” 

From the Cutting Room Floor ...

The Trump camp does what it can to assuage their defeated leader through the day, which by all accounts, started badly. The “Lawn Order” president tweeted that he was giving a press conference at the “Four Seasons.” Embarrassingly, the person in charge of scheduling press conferences accidentally reserved the Four Seasons lawn care company in Philadelphia, instead of the famous New York City hotel. The lawn care service, whose back entrance is a well-used garage door, is located in an industrial part of Philly, far from population centers, between an adult bookstore and a crematorium. Trump staffers attempted to cover up the aluminum garage door with Trump 2020 signs. … The scenario is a perfect metaphor for the last five years.[1]

As he did during much of his presidency, Trump decided not to attend the press conference and instead went golfing. Given how fiercely he criticized President Obama for golfing—and given that he nonetheless golfed at his own resorts around 247 times, or 2 out of every 7 days he has been in office, according to the Washington Post—it is somehow fitting that he would be on the 13th hole when word arrived that Biden had clinched the election.[2] In his absence, Rudy Giuliani, the now disgraced former mayor of New York City, led the strange event in the back of Four Seasons lawn care. At the end of the afternoon, the president returned to DC to find Biden supporters lining the streets, jubilantly celebrating his defeat.[3]



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