A Conversation with George Daniels

A Conversation with George Daniels https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKfoQAAtpTg Description In this episode, Sara Whitver talks to George Daniels about his Fall 2023 course entitled Race, Gender, and Media. The course uses HistoryMakers Digital Archive as a research foundation and incorporates a number of digital projects which allow students to present their research findings using digital methods. George …

A Conversation with the Alabama Memory Project

A Conversation with the Alabama Memory Project A Conversation with the Alabama Memory Project Description During this conversation, Sara Whitver will talk to John Giggie and Isabella Garrison about their Alabama Memory Project. Alabama Memory is an Omeka S documentary archive of the lives of lynched individuals in the state of Alabama. Giggie and Garrison …

Vietnam War Oral History Project

This oral history archive has been created by students in Dr. Sarah Steinbock-Pratt’s class on the Vietnam War. The course explores the long history of the Vietnam War, beginning with early Vietnamese history and colonization.

The History of Enslaved People at UA, 1828-1865

This project is the result of the work of the Task Force for Studying Race, Slavery, and Civil Rights at UA and documents their comprehensive assessment of University of Alabama Administration Records for the period up to 1865. This project seeks to ensure that all materials pertaining to slavery at the university is identify and transcribe the contents of the main record sets from this time including President Basil Manly’s diaries, President Landon Garland’s letterbooks, the Faculty Minutes, and the collection most commonly referred to as the “slave receipts.” Most important of all, however, was identifying as many of the enslaved individuals who labored on UA’s campus, or who were enslaved by faculty and college presidents, as possible and entering those names, and the records associated with them, in a database

Journal of a Pandemic Year

This digital museum accompanies Peacock and Peterson’s book, A Deeper Sickness: Journal of America in the Pandemic Year. Beacon Press, 2022. The DAILY ENTRIES cover 200 days of the year 2020. In the EXHIBITS section are housed essays from scholars around the country, creative works submitted by renowned artists, and meritorious undergraduate research projects—all of them dedicated to the study of 2020.

Civil War and Reconstruction Governors of Alabama

Civil War and Reconstruction Governors of Alabama Description Professors Julia Brock and Leslie Gordon and a team of students have partnered in this project with the Alabama Department of of Archives and History to transcribe and collocate the correspondence of Alabama governors from the civil war and reconstruction era. Project Owner(s): Dr. Julia Brock and …

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Music Politics

What is the role of music in political movements? How have political forces shaped music culture? Students in UH 155: Music and Political Movements consider how music shapes and creates human society, and how the semiotic and communicative power of music has been employed in the service of political movements around the world and through …

Someone knitting in front of a book

Knitting History

Knitting History is the result of a collabortive effort of the students in Professor Kopelson’s history class titled Handmade Nation: Knitting and History. Students compiled a timeline of significant moments in the history of knitting, as well as moments in which knitting impacted history. Additionally, students put their own knitting skills to the test, creating …

A man sits reading the newspaper

Hobo News Digital Archive

This project is a collaboration between the ADHC and the St. Louis Public Library which aims to digitize the extremely rare newspaper publication Hobo News from the early twentieth century, and ultimately to make this digital collection available to the public. The Hobo News was created by and for hobos, including a gregarious variety of …

Hammer of the Scots board game board with game pieces

Game Archive

Professor Erik Peterson (History) assigned his students to make a digital resource about the history of games and gaming in course HY300-001. The games considered range from the Royal Game of Ur (2500+ BCE) to Monopoly (1933), to video games such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and in the course of a compact May-mester, …