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Oct. 15-21  |  ADHC Newsletter |  Fall 2023  Join us for our programs & events this week! ADHC Sandbox Join us on Mondays and Fridays from 1—3 PM in the ADHC, Gorgas 1015, for unstructured work time where you can receive point-of-need contact with one of our DH specialists! #DropIn Lunch & Learn: An Introduction …

a crowd of people holding signs in support of Allende

Music Politics

What is the role of music in political movements? How have political forces shaped music culture? Students in UH 155: Music and Political Movements consider how music shapes and creates human society, and how the semiotic and communicative power of music has been employed in the service of political movements around the world and through …

Sofonisba Anguissola's self portrait. An image of a young woman holding a giant coin

Makers: Women Artists in the Early Modern Courts of Europe

Makers: Women Artists in the Early Modern Courts of Europe is a new online resource in development at the University of Alabama in collaboration with the Alabama Digital Humanities Center (ADHC). The goal of the Makers Project is to encourage sustained, interdisciplinary consideration of the role early modern women played in the hands-on production of …

a map of Alabama

Language in Alabama

Dr. Catherine Davies and her class of graduate and undergraduate students explore language in the state of Alabama. They examine the difference regionally in Alabama, as well as generationally to see how language changes in Alabama. View Language in Alabama

Someone knitting in front of a book

Knitting History

Knitting History is the result of a collabortive effort of the students in Professor Kopelson’s history class titled Handmade Nation: Knitting and History. Students compiled a timeline of significant moments in the history of knitting, as well as moments in which knitting impacted history. Additionally, students put their own knitting skills to the test, creating …

A man sits reading the newspaper

Hobo News Digital Archive

This project is a collaboration between the ADHC and the St. Louis Public Library which aims to digitize the extremely rare newspaper publication Hobo News from the early twentieth century, and ultimately to make this digital collection available to the public. The Hobo News was created by and for hobos, including a gregarious variety of …

a manuscript laid out

Historical Archives and Storytelling

UA Genealogies: Historical Archives and Storytelling is a digital archive of the extraordinary family histories discovered by students in Lauren S. Cardon’s EN103 Advanced Composition course. Using a variety of digital and archival resources including the W. S. Hoole and A. S. Williams III Special Collections, students explored their genealogies, creating written narratives documenting particularly …

A map of the globe with the words "Grammar-Land" overlayed


Grammar-land is a digital version of an exhibition of materials from the W. S. Hoole Special Collections Library. It chronicles the various trends and techniques of grammatical education in America from 1700 to 1930, encompassing subjects ranging from sentence diagramming to children’s textbooks or pedagogical aids for grammatical instruction, as well as investigating the role …