Studying religion in culture is relevant. At the University of Alabama, our program generates a range of significant questions about classification, interpretation, identification, and the construction of tradition, among others. These questions, though, are not simply relevant for topics identified with religion but apply broadly to many aspects of societies in which we live. To illustrate that broader relevance, we will apply various questions that have arisen in our Religious Studies program to a broad range of topics and present those questions and their relevance for a broad audience through this website. This website reflects some of the work that we have done throughout our time in the program, culminating in the Capstone REL Senior Seminar in Spring 2016.

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Past Perfect

This site is devoted to the Department of Religious Studies‘ “REL Goes to Greece 2011” annual study abroad program–begun in 2008–which brings a small group of University of Alabama undergraduate students to Thessaloniki, Greece, for three weeks. This site’s content (i.e., the posts created by all those participating in the May 2011 trip) focuses on the ways in which different versions of an idealized past are created and communicated by different contemporary social actors–in their narratives, behaviors, and institutions.

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