Bayeux Tapestry featuring the death of King Harold

EN Timelines

This project engages students from English 205 (English Literature I) and English 215 (Honors English Literature 1) with Dr. Cordelia Ross to create contextual timelines for their course to better understand events surrounding the publication of works they read. View EN Timelines

Circles and lines form a basic network analysis


Headed by University of Alabama graduate students in the Department of English, in partnership with Dr. Emma Annette Wilson and the ADHC, the Early Modern Network Of Networks, EMNON, uses Digital Humanities techniques to visualize the intricate network of relationships connecting key figures in early modern literary and intellectual culture. Centering on the networks belonging …

A portrait of Pocahontas

Early American History Project

Heather Miyano Kopelson is creating a pedagogical project with her students in repeated iterations of HY107 American Civilization to 1877, exploring America’s history before permanent European settlement. The website houses student video projects on a particular facet of early American history, in addition to a student-generated webliography on different important topics in this field for …

A grey box with the text "Digital Humanities Blog" in it

Digital Humanities Seminar Blog

This site was created for David Ainsworth’s Spring 2013 Digital Humanities graduate course. It is now being updated for Jennifer Drouin’s Spring 2015 Digital Humanities graduate course. The site features student blogs and final projects. We hope it will continue to grow over the course of future semesters as well. View Digital Humanities Seminar Blog

British Literary Student Timeline

This website is designed for and populated by undergraduate students taking survey courses in British Literature. Students are responsible for writing short texts situating the literary works which they are studying in the time period in which these works were created. These student-generated blurbs appear on a digital timeline to enable users of this website …

A map of the European continent


ARTmap was created by Professor Jenny Tucker to be used in conjunction with the introductory level ARH 252/253 course work. The project covers the history of art from the Stone Age to the late 20th century. Each module provides a deeper look into key art works, establishes geographic context, and provides opportunity for discussion. The …

a girl in a large red hat. A painting by Johannes Vermeer

ARH 373: The Small Treasures Project

In conjunction with the exhibition Small Treasures: Rembrandt, Vermeer, Hals, and their Contemporaries, on view at the Birmingham Museum of Art (BMA) from January 31- April 26, 2015, students enrolled in ARH 373 (Dr. Tanja Jones, Northern Baroque Art) at the University of Alabama are conducting research dedicated to the paintings in the exhibition. This project …

an image of ancient roman architecture

Ancient Pasts

This project is a compilation of work done by students in CL 385, “History of Greece”, and CL 386, “History of Rome”. The Ancient Pasts website serves as a library of essays produced by students on Herodotus, Thucydides, Livy, and Tacitus. View Ancient Pasts

an engraving of a two men in a horse-drawn chariot attacking a monster with a bow and arrow

Ancient Art

The ancient world was as interconnected and complex as our own. Over the millennia, new cultures and dynasties arose, expanded, and waned, affecting not only their regions of origin but the other civilizations and cultures with which they were in contact. Cultures traded, invaded, conquered, learned and appropriated from, rejected and embraced one another, and …