A Conversation with Rachel Stephens

A Conversation with Rebecca Stephens https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmyYuDop_Vs Description In this episode, Sara talks to Art Historian Rachel Stephens about a number of her Digital Humanities projects, and specifically about her most recent collaborative project, Joe Minter’s African Village. Season: 2Episode: 3Date: 11/03/2023Presenter: Rachel StephensTopic: Documenting Living ArtistsTags: Documentary Research, GIS, Mapping, Southern American Art, Virtual Reality …

Notre Dame in Color

The Notre Dame in Color is an international collaborative research project that brings together scientists, artists, and art historians to enrich our understanding of the multi-chromatic environment of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris. Together, we are documenting, analyzing, and developing new digital visualizations of the polychromed sculptures of Notre Dame in order to preserve the cathedral for future generations. Content will be added as work progresses through 2026.

Joe Minter

Joe Minter is a Birmingham-based artist who creates site-specific sculptures on and around his property, many of which comprise his large installation, the African Village in America. The recorded flyover below provides a bird’s eye view of this site, created between 1989 and the present. Learn more about Minter and his work here by viewing a catalogued collection of his works, watching intimate conversations, taking the 3D tour, or reading about him and his work.

Sofonisba Anguissola's self portrait. An image of a young woman holding a giant coin

Makers: Women Artists in the Early Modern Courts of Europe

Makers: Women Artists in the Early Modern Courts of Europe is a new online resource in development at the University of Alabama in collaboration with the Alabama Digital Humanities Center (ADHC). The goal of the Makers Project is to encourage sustained, interdisciplinary consideration of the role early modern women played in the hands-on production of …

A map of the European continent


ARTmap was created by Professor Jenny Tucker to be used in conjunction with the introductory level ARH 252/253 course work. The project covers the history of art from the Stone Age to the late 20th century. Each module provides a deeper look into key art works, establishes geographic context, and provides opportunity for discussion. The …

a girl in a large red hat. A painting by Johannes Vermeer

ARH 373: The Small Treasures Project

In conjunction with the exhibition Small Treasures: Rembrandt, Vermeer, Hals, and their Contemporaries, on view at the Birmingham Museum of Art (BMA) from January 31- April 26, 2015, students enrolled in ARH 373 (Dr. Tanja Jones, Northern Baroque Art) at the University of Alabama are conducting research dedicated to the paintings in the exhibition. This project …

an engraving of a two men in a horse-drawn chariot attacking a monster with a bow and arrow

Ancient Art

The ancient world was as interconnected and complex as our own. Over the millennia, new cultures and dynasties arose, expanded, and waned, affecting not only their regions of origin but the other civilizations and cultures with which they were in contact. Cultures traded, invaded, conquered, learned and appropriated from, rejected and embraced one another, and …

a building with columns and a dome

Alabama Architecture

Alabama Architecture is a descriptive digital database about historical buildings and structures in Alabama, from both the Tuscaloosa area and further afield. It was created by Art History students taking course ARH 376 led by Professor Rachel Stephens, who worked in partnership with the ADHC to enable her class to create an online resource which …